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(verb, adjective, adverb, noun, etc. etc.)

1. Salutations of some sort; also farewell - "Totes!;" "Stay totes!"

2. Action word (verb) in ambiguous context - "Totes it up!"; "Let's totes this place!"

3. Original connotation: totally - "That girl is totes hot,"; "You're totes sketch."

4. Any positive association - "Getting into college is totes!"; "Yeah, Glee is pretty much the totes!"

5. A method with which to puncture silences, esp. those of the awkward variety - "...Totes."
by zoyers December 4, 2010
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A derivative of the popular greeting 'what's up,' usually addressed towards females who are rather well-endowed. In reference to the word 'supple' which in turn references aforementioned female's chest area.
DERRICK: "Supps, Steph Cai?!"

STEPH CAI: "Umm..."
by zoyers December 21, 2010
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