-Dude! did you see how Britney was dressed for the wedding? she looked like a slut!
-ya, she was toats dressed inapprop!
by Kinaas November 10, 2010
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Open-toed shoes in the rain is very inapprope.
by julie bing January 23, 2005
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An inappropriate profile picture on Facebook, or other social networking site. Except Myspace, because nobody uses that anymore.
Omg, Kayla's topless in her new propic! It's an inappropic!
by AllDayIDreamofTacos October 2, 2011
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An adjective describing something that is beyond inappropriate. It is so inappropriate that it is totes inappropes.
Look at the naked man on the street humping a mailbox. That's totes inappropes.
by Urtotesinappropes March 12, 2005
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An abbreviation for "totally inappropriate." An extension of the phrase totes.

It is used to describe a socially unacceptable person, socially unacceptable behavior, or a generally unacceptable situation.
"You are totes inappropes right now."
by bobbybaby July 25, 2007
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