The total control over the flow of information, dictating what can and cannot be said, known, thought, etc

Censorship, propaganda, manipulation, and often times the radicalization of the masses against (usually political) oppositions thru a constant stream of fear and hate mongering
Totalitarianism. This is simply how George Orwell put it, I believe

"If you do not think this way, then you are wrong. If you disagree with us, then you shall not be allowed to live to taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens" -Benito Mussoulini
by Cqllel January 6, 2023
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Domination by a government of all political, social, and economic activities in a nation. Totalitarianism is a phenomenon of the twentieth century: earlier forms of despotism and autocracy lacked the technical capacity to control every aspect of life. The term is applied both to fascist governments (see fascism) and to many forms of communism.
"Totalitarianism is a horrible form of government"
by jegundead April 15, 2007
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The form of government that US conservatives wish to impose on the US of A by using FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) to manipulate the voters. They convince people to agree to limiting their own freedom for a false sense of safety. With more government controls on sex, religion, drugs and a person’s suicide process, the US government is moving towards total control of the population. This process best with people who think “Animal Farm” is a story about farm animals.
Conservative: Great, another terrorist attach! Now we can pass a new low to monitor our US citizen’s mail and determine who is updating the Urban Dictionary with truthful anti totalitarianism information.
by Noone Here August 31, 2007
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A form of government that controls every aspect of people's lives, tells the people what to think, & brutally punishes anyone who's a flaw in the system or disagrees with the government.
Examples of totalitarian countries are Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia, North Korea, Maoist China, Saddam's Iraq, & Ayatollah's Iran.

Someone who thinks the government should control every aspect of the people's lives. Someone who thinks every problem in the country should be taken care of by the government.

A parent that watches their kid like a hawk 24/7, tells them what to think, punishes their kids if they don't agree with them, looks at every message their kid sends or receives, & doesn't let their kid do anything alone.

A boyfriend that reads every message his girlfriend sends or receives, constantly watches his girlfriend, thinks he owns her, hurts her when she talks to another guy, & decides who she can & cant be friends with.

Totalitarians are scum.
I hope that totalitarian regime is brought down.

My parents are totalitarians.

Girls if your boyfriend is a totalitarian then dump him & slap him.
by SlashinatorZ June 16, 2012
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A government that tries to control everything people do in their life (how they eat their dinner/holiday dinner, where they go, what they wear, and what they do).
The coronavirus has become an excuse for an attempt at a totalitarian government.
by Solid Mantis November 19, 2020
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When the state is totally in control of most people's lives, though there will always be a few the state doesn't control, which makes what the state says about not totally being in control somewhat true, even if it's mostly bullshit.
by Solid Mantis June 30, 2020
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A sorry as person that thinks humans are robots.
God is a toalitarian, he controls every aspect of your life or you get purged.
by left wing king December 31, 2004
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