Its how Japan will win WWIII. I'm serious.

Surfer #1: Dude, what's that rising out of our Pacific waves?
Surfer #2: Giant robots! Game over man, GAME OVER!
by Samuel P November 6, 2007
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n: a robot that is large, usually greater than three-hundred meters in height, and is usually used for combat purposes or smashing things.
If I had a giant robot, I'd attack Washington D.C. and force GWB to eat AOL disks and then drive in a pimpmobile down a street with thousands of indiana jones-like booby traps, without the close-shave part.
by _raleeshan_ May 16, 2004
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A bimonthly magazine featuring Asian pop-culture, art, music, film and other types of entertainment. It was founded in 1994 by Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong. Giant Robot also has an online store and stores in New York City, Silverlake, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as well as a restaurant called Gr/eats.
Did you read about the art of Jeff Soto or Bigfoot One in Giant Robot?
by applebomb February 1, 2007
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It's a ship that hasn't sailed yet and @thomas_eddsworld on Instagram is trying to get it to sail

She/he is a Norwegian eddsworld fan and has tried to make it sail so help her/him !
You can use this ship anywhere
*Ringo x giant robot*
by IngelinsWorld January 10, 2018
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A saying that can be applied to any situation, but is most often used to express surprise. Similar to "Oh my God!" or "What The Fuck?" in its usage. Can be shortened to GFR.

(May never be used to actually describe giant robots that are engaged in sexual intercourse.)
"The dog just pissed all over the carpet."

"Giant Fucking Robots!"
by Panther-Snake April 26, 2010
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