The most top.

a brief history of the word: This word comes from a most intelligent friend of mine. I mean, look, he made this word up, and he's in AP English!
This car magazine is the toppest. Putting dixie cups in the library is the toppest senoir prank.
by Jon Luitkas. June 9, 2003
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When something is at the very top of something or is too high to reach.
1. People say watchman figures are carved at the toppest of totempoles to guard the family or village.

2. Charles: Hey Mike, can you reach that for me? I'm too short.
Mike: yeah, which one ?
Charles: The toppest. The one at the veryyyy tippy top
by Dr.SassySuess May 26, 2020
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The pinnacle of social praise a man can reach among his peers. A true hero, always willing to put his friends and loved ones before him. There is no limit to his relentless love and consideration, a true model of human kindness.
Django: Yo man, thanks for the present you got me. Toppest bloke
George: Happy you're happy, bro
by Marqueefus October 13, 2016
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