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Best. Food. EVER! Only 3 minutes to cook it and then you have hot, noodley, great tasting goodness! It is prepared like this:

Boil for 3 minutes,

Prices range from 10¢ a package to 50¢ a package.
When I get home from this day of band camp I'm eating 3 Top Ramens.

Top Ramen is oober leet!
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a brand of ramen far superior to maruchen ramen, costing about the same as maruchen, and prepared in much the same manner ramen
by la la la June 02, 2004
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Head from a chick with curly hair, like ramen noodles.
Top ramen is good, I don't know what yall talkin about.
by JayJaySmoothe December 19, 2005
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It means Nudes. The slang started with noodles but then that slang transitioned to top ramen.
Yo, that chick I was telling you about hit me up with some top ramen.
by Yeetermcgeeter April 10, 2017
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A cheap food consisting of dried noodles and an artificial flavoring packet. Top Ramen is known for being the stock-up food of choice in poor families because of it's value. It's flavors include but are not limited to: Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, and Oriental. Some of these flavors taste better than others, and some of the new flavors are simply horrid. Top Ramen will forever remain infamous!
1. "Look over there, The Chavez Family is buying Top Ramen again."

2. "Top Ramen is a great value Bob, but it sure does taste like shit!"

3: "Yes Ron, you are right..Top Ramen sucks..unless you're POOR!"
by Andrew M. September 22, 2005
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