A discussion or debate which involves deciding which type of asian woman is hottest, most dateable or best in bed. Facts in these arguments are often gathered from internet porn or urban legend, if lacking in research you can simply make shit up.
Joe: DUDE, Japanese girls are open to do anything in bed. For fuck sake, they have blowjob competitions on TV.

Bill: Nah man, koreans are the best. They're great and bed and actually enjoy cleaning up after you...

You: I'm not having this "top ramen discussion"
by Ekkakub October 11, 2009
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when a man boils water and funnels it into a womens vagina then engages in intercourse with her.
hello honey, want to partake in a Nebraska Top-Ramen?
by lucifer killed yo mom November 14, 2007
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When you put ramen noodles and water in a girls cooch and get her horny then wait for the noodles to cook then eat them after cumming in it first as sesaning viola top ramen cooch.
I gave Sandy a top ramen cooch last night
by Fecal slayer December 01, 2016
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When the penis looks like the the first layer on uncooked Top Ramen Penis also known as Maruchan Cock
Sabrina-oh my God girl last night I went to perform fellatio you won't believe what the nightmares down there
Bria- I didn't have the best of luck last night either girl
Sabrina- he had Top Ramen penis I got up and left right away it looks like somebody took a uncooked Ramen noodle and somehow rolled it up that Maruchan Cock terrified me
by Ramen Hood February 28, 2021
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