3 definitions by phr34kr

1) A person who works hard all the time for a corporation who continues to pay them minimal wage for their career.

2) A person who is forced to do busywork, or menial tasks for their job
If we were in the caste system, one might say the drudges of society are equivalent to the untouchables.
by phr34kr March 1, 2005
Used as a cut, usually in online computer games. Meaning "noob" or new person to game, also meaning someone who plays public and not clan honour, in reference to honour dueling.
"wow gg +1 pub, cry more plz"
by phr34kr July 14, 2005
the process where I pop my dick in a skanks mouth and she procedes to suck me off before I skull fuck her
"Damn that bitch gave me some fucking good top ramen noodle last night!"
by phr34kr December 13, 2004