Considered to be the greatest automotive magazine on television. It is broadcasted on BBC and ITV, and features the humorous Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Every episode includes a very strange comparison of vehicles (not necessarily cars), which shows how silly the producers really are....
Top Gear is my 2nd favorite show, next to Family Guy!
by gplpark92 August 5, 2006
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a really really funny program about cars. It used to be all informative but now it is sooooooooo funny! plus its great if your into cars aswell
person:i like top gear
uva person: i don't, its all about cars and i'm a bus person
person thats not either of the previous 2: doesnt matta! still funny
by twatwakid January 26, 2009
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An important rule of thumb to consider throughout life: when a footballer (that's soccer for Americans) buys a particular object, frequents a particular place or anything like it, it's probably time to move on, lest you become considered tasteless by association.
The Top Gear rule states that ultra-expensive supercars that only footballers can afford are not cool, because footballers are most often tasteless wankers.
by kikanjuuneko March 10, 2007
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The line of titty owners that stand behind Clarkson, Hammond and May while doing their piece to the camera during filming an episode of the eponymous TV show.
"Just look at that pieve of top gear totty just behind Clarksons's fat stupid face".
by farge bofflenerp October 26, 2009
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When something is so terrible as to be equivocal to Top Gear America; it is a "top gear fail."
Meghan's attempt at cooking dinner was so terribly inedible it was nothing short of a top gear fail.
by P&R2010 March 4, 2011
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The theory that excessive watching of the car programme "top gear" by middle aged men can descend into the urge to attend decadent, homoerotic gatherings at car show rooms where men perform sexual role plays based on the relationship of the three presenters and fuck the exhausts of expensive cars.
The Top Gear Effect: "Have been binge watching Top Gear repeats on Dave recently and I keep having this really disturbing dream where I'm out riding horses in the desert dressed as a cowboy with Jeremy Clarkson and then when we pitch a tent. for a night... well I don't want to repeat that part of the dream."
by Louiefook December 23, 2015
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watching the UK TV programme "top gear", your challenge is to look for black people in the audience.Jeremy clarkson is a racist.
top gear challenge is when the camera pans round the audience try to spot anyone who isn't white. Jeremy Clarkson is a racist
by top gear July 11, 2008
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