A sexual entcounter between two males and a female. At first it appears to be your typical pig-roast however while performing "The Meghan" both males start to arm wrestle using the females back as a playing surface.
Meghan: I sure am sore today guys
Omar: Ya, my arms pretty sore too from giving you "The Meghan" all night.
Jay: If you think your in pain now then you can only thank me for talking Omar out of performing a glory ride on you Meghan
by Sandington March 16, 2008
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A Meghan is a good friend to all who take the time to get to know her. She is creative. Never shy around the people she knows, and loves doing things with her friends.
Most Meghans have a crazy past, and are wise Bc of it. She gives really good advice bc she's been through alot. Do not betray a Meghan, she does not trust easily. She won’t take your bs.

Meghans are very talented, but too lazy to be the best she can be.

She isn't afraid of anyone, but is afraid to lose someone she loves.

Meghans can be really stubborn, and know how to get what they want.
Understand that she may be pestering you because she loves you very much. Meghans are protective over friends and family and will do anything to make sure they know she loves them.

Usually, Meghans are beautiful inside and out, but they don't know it or see it. They tend to look down on themselves a lot. It's not a good quality.
It seems that Meghans sometimes have anger problems. But it’s really just passion. Meghan’s tend to be highly passionate about a lot of things.

In a relationship, a Meghan will do whatever it takes to keep her mate happy. She prefers a long term relationship and doesn't like to waste her time. Meghans are INCREDIBLE lovers. She is an amazing wife, and mother as well.

She will always care and love everyone she knows with everything she has.

If you know a Meghan, make sure to tell her every day how much you love her. She thrives off of good attention.
“My friend Meghan is amazing. I love her so much!”

“I wish Meghan was still single, I’d marry her if she was.”
by Saldogg321 March 31, 2020
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A kid thats quite kool, enjoys cake and a good laugh and is generally a nice person. Has a big smile and loves her style with the skinnies and curly hair. Pretty impressive personality aswell.
Man thats a kool girl, just like Meghane
by Damber Quinton July 23, 2008
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That really sexy chick who every guy wants and every girl wishes to be like. Biggest party animal ever. Has a fine body that she doesn't mind showing off. Sometimes quite but very loud in bed. Huge slut but not the kind people hate. Everyone worships her. Usually a hot brunette. Has guys who like her and ignores them. Sexy as hell but skanky. Will always be there to help you get laid.
1) guy 1: SHE is hot! Look at how sexy that dress is on her!

Guy 2: that's my girlfriend Meghan!!

Guy 3: if she's your girlfriend why did she have sex with me last week?

Guy 2: she is a total whore that's why!

2) guy 1: my girlfriend Meghan rocks!

Guy 2: how?

Guy 1: she always gives me what I want and finishes with a nice ride!
by Boboo13 October 12, 2013
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Common slang for a yeast infection. LMAO Most often used when her vaginas about to fall out.
Person 1. Dude I have cheese in my VAG
Person 2. Oh yeah your having a nasty meghan.
by Starbright <3 September 27, 2011
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the skank bitch who has the amazing boyfriend that tells her he loves her although we all know he loves someone else
yeah, Meghan
by thesadone December 06, 2010
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