A string of two or more guys following around an attractive female, hoping that their overly eager attitude will get them laid.

The toolbelt is usually used by her to make her seem more attractive, as ploy to impress the guy she is actually interested in.
"So I see Erica brought five dudes to the party. I'm sorry man."
"Ah, don't worry about it, she just brought her toolbelt to try and make me jealous!"
by clint e May 6, 2009
1. An person characterized as being a self-centered, stubborn, close-minded asshole who treats other with no respect, especially of the opposite sex.

2. Thomas Bell
by like no other January 31, 2009
a yellow toolbelt is where three asian men gangbang a female in all holes. it was originated online and isn't well known.
Those guys gave her a nasty yellow toolbelt the other day.
by DTCA April 19, 2011
A series of useful tactics or methods that a person uses in pursuit of or during sexual activity.
"Hey Greg, whatcha thinking about?"
"Well Tom, on this fine day I'm thinking about grabbin' my girl's thighs and picking her up by them while I eat her out."
"Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw Gregory, does she like it?"
"I'd say so. It's something I like to keep in my sexual toolbelt."
by Wellfuckmewithachainsaw September 15, 2018
When a male tradie is working at a male homosexuals house, and the homosexual is watching way too intensely.
Mate, I had a job today and had to pull out the old backwards toolbelt.
by Mad goat January 29, 2020