Part of the Lyrics to Party Rock Anthem written by the famous LMFAO. Right after this is said starts the awesome shufflin' dance which was danced by the people who were taken over by the shuffling. Awesome people know the dance and can do it pretty well you would be crazy not to not know this dance. Other phrases that go with this would be: "Party Rock!", "Shake That!". You can also see the Kia Soul hamsters use this song in advertising their new lime green Kia Soul.

"Ever since that song came on, everyday they've been shufflin', Monday shuffle, Tuesday shuffle, Everybody in the whole world!"

The Music video shows it all, from dancing people to dancing robots.
"What do you do when your alone?"
"Every Day I'm shufflin'!"
"Oh no! Not you, too!"
by TheKrSc! October 15, 2011
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