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A generic, and sometimes humorous, reply to someone who took way too much time describing something, while the description would've been sufficiently clear and complete with less words. The term is both used by impatient kids when they can't concentrate long enough to read more then two sentences, and the more intelligent generation-X poster when the "long post" in question could've been described just as well, but much shorter, this comment can be taken either way.

Also a reply to long, attention-whorey spam topics.
Politically Involved Chap: (long rant about the state of affairs in the presidential houses of middle-west Europe)

SpamClown69: (Long rant about rubber duckies and why he loves to rub his genitals with them)
MatureFolk: Too long, didn't read. Idiot.
by Grey December 20, 2004
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You face a grave danger. Your homicidal mage 'friend' is out of mana. What is your answer to any foe eyeing you over to see if you fit on his dinnerplate?

See Swordchucks.
Fighter: Swordchucks, yo.
by Grey April 15, 2005
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Siberia is in either Europe or Asia... or like, Russia or something. It's fucking cold.
It's cold in Siberia, NIGGUH!
by Grey September 22, 2005
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originates from the movie jay and silent bob, but is now generally used in reference to the clitmaster Grey Gardner of santa rosa california
"Grey is the clitmaster"
by Grey September 18, 2004
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Anything cool, sweet, awesome, incredible, wonderful, or good. Because biscuits are awesome.
Guy: So this chick was slobbing on my knob- oh man, that head was straight biscuits.

Dude #2: BISCUITS!

Chick: I was fucking the guy who wrote this definition, and it was nothing but biscuits for six hours.
by Grey April 26, 2006
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"I'm Rick James, bitch!" is a phrase made popular by Dave Chappelle through some hilarious sketches. Someone added because to the beginning, and now "Because I'm Rick James, bitch!" is an explanation for anything.
Teacher: Why did you give me an apple with a fishhook in it?
Student: Because I'm Rick James, bitch!
Teacher: I don't understand.
Student: What did the five fingers say to the face?
Teacher: What?
Student: <bitch slap>

Girlfriend: Why did you ceaht on me, you bastard!?
Boyfriend: Because I'm Rick James, bitch!
Girlfirend: Oooh, I love it when you talk dirty.
Boyfriend: That's right, bitch!

Judge: Why did you shoot this man?
Criminal: Because I'm Rick James, bitch!
Judge: Case dismissed.
Criminal: Take that, prosecuting biatches!
by Grey July 24, 2004
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The alternate (and commonly considered wrong) version of Roffles. Less funny though.
I'mma reply to this topic with a crapload of roffels!
by Grey December 20, 2004
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