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hey, guy who wrote definition above this one!!!! THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO SPELL "MELLON COLLIE" if you are as you say over-obsessed with the pumpkins...you should know how to spell Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness! But anyway kickass album, essential listening.
Hey jackass, your stupid!
by Druinn November 30, 2004
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1.The man that keeps me from sleeping at night...
2.A person or animal that feels a need to inappropiately touch and/or fondle a small child or rodent to death.
3. The anti-Christ
1. I can only think of his abnormally large, oddly shaped penis as I stare at the blank wall.
2. Get your Danza-hands off my baby you friggin Tony Danza!!!
3. That cult over there worships Tony Danza...they also have giant orgies with Michael Bolton and his Bolton-mullet!!!
by Druinn March 13, 2005
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