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Massive greek cunt who can deadlift 800 kilos and benchpress 4 tons. Lives in the tunnels of the Australian metro train subways. He eats 72,000 calories a day which converts into 20kg of muscle mass from each rep.

Daily meal plan
breakfast - 3kg of steak with a raw turkey and protein shake
Snack - steriod injection
Dinner - 2 buckets of protein powder, 50 kilos of raw chicken
Mike: Woah! look at that man over there, he's benching 4 tons!
Jerry: No shit bro, that's Tonee!
by Mike810927301023 June 11, 2018
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Tonee is a all around perfect woman. Both her looks and personality trump those of any other. She is sweet, gorgeous, and knows how to cut loose and have fun. Any man would be lucky to find himself beside a Tonee.
Bobby is so lucky to have Tonee in his life, she's one of a kind.
by B-briziii January 28, 2014
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