11 definitions by Crunchy Black

gat,gun,heat,9, fire arm, something you kill people with
put my tone to your head and blast out your brain bitch!
by Crunchy Black November 18, 2003
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RyanO232004: The Def of Trips j Maf............................... 1. The guys with the fine bitches every guy wants. 2. The fellas walken down your block with some 40s 3. The boys that beat the shit out of the fellas that try to step, and then take their bitch while there at it. 4. The people holding down the most beer.
see above
by Crunchy Black April 27, 2004
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The EXTREMELY Small version of the AK-47. Cheap price, cheap shots, cheap everything. This gun blows in long range. But can instantly fuck someone up in CQ (Close Quarters) battle.
My AKS-74u is very small, yet packin a punch.
by Crunchy Black January 8, 2004
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the rims on a vehicle
i ride real slow, so they can see the buckets on mah feet.
by Crunchy Black June 19, 2006
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Hypnotize Camp Posse
the baddest motha fuckin klik in the world, (triple six mafia)
Yo HCP killin all these other pussy rappers..
by Crunchy Black November 18, 2003
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The best automatic heavy machine gun ever made. Much better than the m249 "SAW" machine gun. The M60 series was made during WW2 to fuck up those gay nazis. US Army and Navy Seals use these.
by Crunchy Black January 7, 2004
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Spieng on someone, then embarassing the person, by telling a whole crowd of what she saw.
Man, can you beleive that hoe was scopin me this whole time?
by Crunchy Black January 7, 2004
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