A really kind person that always cares about you. They are great at sports and especially dance. They are the best of friends you could have.
Mili is amazing
by Lilstrawb December 21, 2018
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Mili is the most incredible person you will ever meet. When she walks into a room the world lights up. She always has her friend’s back and never lets other people push her around. Mili is a total babe and secretly loves small romantic gestures. Though she acts strong and tough, on the inside she is actually sensitive on the inside. Mili is such a gorgeous and funny person. She has great taste in music, normally classic rock or 90s grunge and is super artsy (painting, singing, music etc). Mili is such a babe.
Jessica: Omg did you see Mili over there?
Guy: Yeah she is so hot and fun to be around.
Other guy: yeah I want mili to be my wife
by genevieve527 July 23, 2020
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Mili is a classical Japanese indie music group founded in August 2012, consisting of Momocashew, Yamato Kasai, Yukihito Mitomo, Shoto Yoshida, Ame Yamaguchi, and Ao Fujimori and sometimes even partner with Fuzi to provide a bit of "oomph" to the song. Mili has a wide assortment of song variety. Ranging from more sad melodies to upbeat tunes.
Many fans will declare it as "the best band in existence". Mili is best enjoyed slowly at a leisurely pace. Like on a quiet day whilst you read, write, draw, work, or just laze about. Perfect for non-weebs and weebs alike
Hand: Hey bro did you hear that new Mili song?
Larma: Nah bruh I like turtle's heart tho
Hand: that's fine but, you should check out the new song it's pretty good
Larma: Ok I will when I get around to it
by Juzoou October 1, 2019
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A stupid dumb bitch that is allways depress...shes called Patrick the starfish she is a #1
She is such a mili....
by Patrick l'étoile de mers July 27, 2020
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She is the most beautiful and intelligent girl anyone could ever meet. She is very creative and loves sports. Her smile is one of a kind and makes everyone around her smile. She has a nice sense of humour and can make anyone around her happy. However she is very selective about her friends and only makes those who she can trust her friends. If you ever find a mili don't let her ever go, she is the perfect soulmate and a true friend and definitely a one in a MILIion and unique piece!!!
Isn't that the most amazing person ever.... her name must be MILI.
by urbary April 18, 2016
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Best girl on the whole world, I love you or I am not sure but I want to love you , Mili! I love you.
by herozs May 13, 2009
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Much like someone named Milly or even Millie but with limited english skills. High odds of owning a private jet. The best of the best but doesn't know it.
"Did you hear Milie just hopped a flight 2 kiwiland"
"She must be loaded"
by Jax_Wit December 3, 2019
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