Used to describe the feeling associated with Kratom. Gained traction in the NoVA area in early 2018 by its creator “CJ“.
Adam: Why are you smiling at the ceiling?
CJ: Man, I am stupendously TOMBED.
by The Ugly Barnikles October 19, 2020
Jake was fucking tombed last night after killing the thirty.
by Kevin01 August 8, 2008
Also known as the Manhattan House of Detention for Men; was located on Centre Street. The Tombs is no longer in operation; they send you straight to Sing Sing.
Jim Carroll spent many a nights in the Tombs.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 8, 2005
central bookings Centre Street NYC
was sent to the Tombs for 3 days over some bullshit charge
by Jkap November 2, 2003
it is a burrial ground
we burried that motherfucker in the tomb.
Sadistic lead developer for the MMORPG "EVE Online: The Second Genesis", who is notorious for his excessive use of the nerf bat in most aspects of the game.
omfg, TomB is nerfing the Thorax *again*...
by rawr August 28, 2004
A hotbox but held in a automobile. Commonly used in west London and Greater London.
Are we tombing tonight then?
by DildoBaggins February 1, 2005