To fuck some one who had 7+ abortions
1. I did the tomb raider last night

2. Did you have fun

1. I had tons of fun ;)
by B-DOG805 December 10, 2019
1) A women who takes any advantages to pick up men to have sex with them. A one night stand or a fuck buddy type of situation.
A guys says to his friend at a bar. "I just got picked by this chick, and I'm going back to her place, so I'll see you later". The guys says, "Don't go there dude, "She's a tomb where many a Pharos have laid"
by viper15 September 21, 2016
to shit anywhere unlikely, with an overall goal of somebody stepping or putting their hand in.

to make and area wreak of shit, yet with no visible evidence of there being any
John "fuck dude i cant see any beer in the fridge"
Tom "no the light is burned out, just reach to the back"
John "oh fuck somebody tomb raidered our asses, and there is shit everywhere"

Jim " dude your office smells like shit"
Jason " I know I have looked everywhere but I cant find it anywhere"
Jim " Damn dude somebody diarrhea'd all over the inside of your desk, you got tomb raidered"

by yourmothersrapist December 18, 2008
one who raids tombs - the act of having sexual intercourse
raid my tomb baby - oh yeah
by Craig May 21, 2004
a game for people like nick who have small penises and as a result, has never kissed a girl.
"Yo guys lets rent Tomb Raider you can see her tits jiggle!!"
"Nick your a fukkin homo and will never get a gurl, PS gordons fucking your sister, steph."
by Kahlil June 24, 2006
When, during seemingly straight porn, another gentleman appears from off screen and proceeds to fuck the male who is fucking the female
Dude I was watching this porn last night and they totally pulled an Egyptian tomb raider!
by ReachR April 16, 2015