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Tomasz is a madman who looks incredibly peng
"daaaaamn bro Tomasz be looking peng innit"
by pengting69 August 12, 2020

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Szymon is the biggest fucking chad roadman on this planet and will not hesitate to bang your mom. He is a chick magnet and will steal your girl in a span of seconds. If you ever see this man on the streets, he won't be afraid to dumpster you in a trash can.
Guy 1: Dude, is that Szymon? Is he that one extremely attractive roadman?
Guy 2: Oh shit it is, run before he yeets you in a dumpster and steals your girl
by pengting69 August 12, 2020

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Very good teacher that during the lesson for 99% talks about his life, specialy about Finland and skin cancer and about how he met his wife (that is actually his grandma)in the gulag. How can u tell if your teacher is Mr Trejo Castro well he needs to speak with a Spanish accent and is correcting everyone who speaks 10000000000 times better English then him.
"Ah, another boring lesson with Mr Carlos Trejo Castro"
"Here he goes, talking about his life for 5 hours straight"
by pengting69 August 12, 2020

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Oh my god, FrogFlakes is so mwah
by pengting69 April 10, 2021

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