The act of epically scalping someone on Black Ops
Juan and Arthur where playing Black Ops when all of a sudden Juan tomahawked Arthur then he t-bagged him.
by Chuck Sleezy January 3, 2011
The act of being struck in the face repeatedly by a tomahawk. Usually results in pain and/or death.
Ashton Kutcher was Tomahawked and started to bleed profusley. (Family Guy)
by Mike "281-330-8004" Jones June 30, 2006
Derives from the 'Sticks and stones' wager match of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and refers to a situation where someone has been humiliated or put in an awkward situation by one of their friends.
Person 1: Ah, someone went on my facebook account and asked Sophie out to dinner, I've never spoken to her, how awkward.

Person 2: Tomahawked
by Hero03 March 1, 2011
In the middle of laying down the man hammer you pull out your dick, do a slight pose and begin a rhythmic drum beat with your wiener on her vagina. While "tomahawking" she needs to cry out in a native "war cry". The War Chief must then yell out in a battle cry singing "aye yai yai yai, aye yai yai yai" while matching the slaps of his wiener to the chant. Female ejaculation is imminent.
Yo that nasty mother fucker BK laid the Tomahawk on that slore bag Rhianna. Geronimo mother fucker!
by Chef McNasty September 4, 2011
The act of continuously thumping your erect penis onto the top of a womans head and/or across her forehead.
Jill was on her knees, so I tomahawked her a few times.
by ben187 November 15, 2004
1. A hatchet-like tool or weapon made from a wooden handle and a sharp rock or bone. Used by Native American people in war, predating the 20th Century, and as a tool with which to shape wood or cut meat from animal carcass's.

2. An American designed tactical missile system that utilizes GPS and IF (Infrared) targetting computer to achieve astounding accuracy (margin of error: 5 metres) from ranges of several hundred miles. Can carry 3 warhead types: General Purpose Ordnance (GPU), the more common Late-Detonation Warhead (LDW), and the conceptual Tactical Nuclear ordnance Warhead (TNW), which has never met practical application.
1. The tomahawk was used as a melee weapon or could be thrown in the way one does when using a throwing axe

2. The tomahawk cruise missile system has eliminated the need to for long range precision bomber aircraft.
by Derek Thornton May 14, 2004
the act of taking your cell phone out (prefferably a flip phone) and bashing someone in the head with it or throwing it at them like a tomahawk.
max was pissing me off so i decided to tomahawk him to shut him up.

i couldnt reach my annoying little brother so i tomahawked him.
by its already uesd by ppl. May 31, 2009