A geek that makes preppy girls happy around the world by creating myspace which happens to have server errors every 5 minutes. He is responsible for making this generation go down the drain because it`s what every other teenager talks about every 5 minutes.
&& ii L0oVE TOM. HE iiS S0o DREAMY F0oR MAKiiNG MYSPACE, LiiKE, C0oMMENT 0oN MY PAGE, GiiRLiiE~! x0xo <333
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
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An acronym used to define "Time of Month" when a female has her menstrual period during the month.
"Oh dear, TOM just revealed himself on my new khakis."
by JackPoon April 23, 2006
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The best boyfriend a girl can ask for. Will do anything for you and will love you with all his heart. Any girl who dates him will be the happiest girl on the planet.

Advised for: Raelynn
= Tom your awesome
by tom-ass the train April 04, 2011
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Baddest man you could ever meet. Total Viking heathen. Loyalty like no other. And most amazing in bed EVER!
If I could only be a Tom then I'd have the world at my feet
by †VIKING†HEATHEN December 19, 2016
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A character from the animated series "Eddsworld". Usually defined by his unusual missing eyes (only black 'circles' in their places), his spiky, gravity-defying hair, his blue hoodie, and the unrelenting feud between himself and Tord , another Eddsworld character. His real-life counterpart is Thomas Ridgewell, a YouTube animator. His channel is TomSka.
by Lynxstorm27 November 06, 2017
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When a guy flirts with you and acts like he's interested in you and then dissapears from the face of the earth.

(he doesn't answer your phone calls or texts)

What's even stranger he doesn't talk to the mutual friends between you two.
Person 1: What's wrong?
Person 2: Oh I just got a Tom pulled on me.
by Njbfngijnfdsjnfdkjn December 05, 2008
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