Tom: this a boy who you dont think very highly of as your first impression of him isn't the best. You think he's one of those self centred boys who only thinks of himself and the one and only fuckboy. On the other hand once you start to get to know him he is actually a kind, loving, funny and someone who surprises you every minute your with him. When your down, not feeling yourself he is always there to help you in every circumstance. That moment he takes off his top and you witness the god given body he has is something you'll never forget neither will you forget his smile after he tells you endless compliments and his so kissable lips which cant stop kissing and you need to tear yourself away from them. And then the moment he leaves is the moment you realise how deeply in love you were with him and how he will always have a piece of your heart wherever you go, but he fails to message you even though he promised and you start wondering if everything he said was a lie but you can get angry with him because you still have something for him so all you end up doing is crying and wonder why you get so attached so easily and all you want is just to kiss and cuddle him every day.
You just don't understand how much i miss Tom, its like a part of me is missing and he's the missing link.
by YouHaveToHandleTheTruth November 02, 2016
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Basically TOM stands for Time Of Month...
ANd we all know what that means.
(The womanly cycle if you don't)
(If you still didn't get that, then PERIODS)

Otis: Why won't you sit down on the sofa, Dorita?
Dorita: Cos its white...
Otis: So?
Dorita: Never sit on a white sofa with TOM...
Otis: Come again?
Dorita: Time Of Month dofus!
by Otis The Stripper May 17, 2008
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"Time Of Month" ~A descreet way to speak of one's period.
Kari: TOM came today... TOM's such a bitch!
Emily: We had to fuck in the shower cuz TOM was here! Lets go make out now!
Kari: Okay, teehee!
by EmilyJayne February 21, 2005
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Police slang used by the British force, especially by the Metropolitan, to describe a prostitute.

Plural is Toms
I want everyone out there night and day questioning all the Toms, we've got to find Jack before he strikes again.
by The-Twitching-Peanut October 19, 2005
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Stands for Time Of the Month. Code girls use to describe their period. Often described as a person.
I fucking hate Tom! He sucks, I wish that he would go away so I would stop having these fucking cramps!
by XoXSavannahxOx April 06, 2008
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a short way of saying tomcat (n. a sexually active male with multiple female partners, v. to seek out new female partners)
i was chillin with that tom, jerry. that mutha gets more pussy than he can shake a stick at.
by dj ian August 11, 2007
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