A turkey of folklore depicted as leaving gifts for children on Thanksgiving.
Tom Turkey came to my house last night and left me a present.
by Tom Turkey21 November 19, 2014
The act in which one inserts their face between a pair of a women's booty cheeks and makes an effective turkey call sounding like an agitated tom wild turkey during the breeding season.
Brandon. "Man did you hear John totally tom turkey booty called that bitch at the party last night" Dave. "Really"?! "Damn that's fucked"!
by Captain Stoney November 22, 2019
A boring youtuber that makes shitty videos yet get shit tons of views
Turkey tom is funny

Bottom text
by Nousernamelmao May 26, 2020
A youtube commentary channel, however his videos tend to include more video editing and extensive research than most, and can be considered more like documentaries. He is best known for his trademark red hoodie and referring to viewers "chicken chads".
Not a Turkey - Turkey Tom
by ChickenChad December 30, 2020