To approach a fine female flap your arms around her/hump while making a turky gobbling sound. The female will think it is funny and you WILL get ass.
A ritual that means you wanna fuck. Or stuff that ass like a turkey.
Guy one- "Yo I got ass from giving her the turkey call"
Guy two- "Say word"
by AK Feezy May 22, 2006
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The act in which one inserts their face between a pair of a women's booty cheeks and makes an effective turkey call sounding like an agitated tom wild turkey during the breeding season.
Brandon. "Man did you hear John totally tom turkey booty called that bitch at the party last night" Dave. "Really"?! "Damn that's fucked"!
by Captain Stoney November 22, 2019
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When you blow into an un-circumcized mans asshole, and the foreskin flaps open like a dogs mouth hanging out the window on the freeway.
After Johnny gave me the old Tallahassee Turkey Call it was much easier to clean out underneath my foreskin.
by Sundays are for the boys May 31, 2022
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