to activate and de-activate cheats and hacks while playing multiplayer games to avoid detection.
WOW OMG that cal-o scrub is toggling!
by Branden AaseN June 29, 2003
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To insert one's finger, most commonly the thumb, into the woman's anus while having sex (can be performed during oral sex as well)
"Dude, pretty great move I used recently... I toggled while eating her out."
by Montyleanlikeacholo January 13, 2010
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(n.) A kiNd oF iNtErNet WriTiNg ThAt LoOkS liKe ThiS uSeD bY aNnOyiNG dUmBaSs TeEnYbOpPeRs.
LiKe Oh My GoD tOgGlE iS sOoOoO cOoL!
by AnnoyingOne September 28, 2003
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Toggling is the process of female masturbation. One continues to use any amount of fingers, or miscellaneous objects to obtain pleasure in the private area. Especially when a male figure is not around to provide orgasmic pleasures to the clitorous. Sometimes this act is used to arouse the male figure.
1. Done mainly to the likes of Daniel K.
2. Can't help to do anything but toggle to Daniel K.
3. It's just flipping better when you toggle to Daniel K.
by Shannon January 23, 2005
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"I toggled that chick last night"

"Ping! I toggled a tool!"....that's peeny mang
by Dr. Asian Love May 22, 2003
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"Dude, did you do some major toggling last night?" "Oh you know it."
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
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A slick way of hacking

Being subtle in a game typically used not to get banned, by turning on your hacks at certain moments instead of keeping them on the whole game. Also possibly to hide it from your teammates discouraging you.
player1: What the hell, Mark just did a twirl then shot him through the wall
player2: Yeah hes toggling
by Coonpuff November 24, 2014
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