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A slick way of hacking

Being subtle in a game typically used not to get banned, by turning on your hacks at certain moments instead of keeping them on the whole game. Also possibly to hide it from your teammates discouraging you.
player1: What the hell, Mark just did a twirl then shot him through the wall
player2: Yeah hes toggling
by Coonpuff November 24, 2014
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To limit or control one's internet bandwidth speed. Generally done with nefarious or malicious intent. Similar to "Throttling," except it is done to ruin someones day or hold someone back.


Blake : "Dude, what the hell is going on with our internet today? It's so slow!"
Paul : "It is probably that Russian jew Network guy Toggling our shit again."
TogglingToggle internet interwebs network IT throttle jew speed LAN bandwidth browse firewall switch router webfilter filter
by pmoney713 October 12, 2017
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