The way peoples toes curl during sex, especially during orgasm.
I sure would like to see her Toes Curling.
by Sandybchs December 5, 2006
when you get that insane gawk gawk vacuum seal 3000 it makes your toes curl up causing bound feet
man last night kyrin gave me that toe curling blow job
by moey_DW_ASCA May 16, 2019
1. Getting some dick to mouth kisses
2. Hot blows
1. Your buddy says he brings his girlfriend along while cut hay so he's not alone, but we all know he's really toe curling in there.
by Bigby K. Newgate January 25, 2018
An orgasm so amazingly good that your toes involuntarily curl.
Jack: I had sex for 2 hours straight last night! Not including foreplay!
Casey: Wow. How'd that end for ya?
Jack: It was awesome. I toe curling orgasm for sure.
by Casey0328 May 28, 2009
your so good at giving blow jobs that you make your man's toe curl.
shawnna uses it in her song i was gettin some"i was gettin some head gettin gettin some i'm the kinda girl to make your toes curl."
by m24 July 18, 2006