Male who seems to be livin it large. An alpha douche who seems to be able to befriend anyone and everyone. Todd's are loyal almost to a fault, they would fight their own if it made them feel justified or vindicated. Todd's never finish last in anything and often end up with the all the cash and ladies. Todd's somehow never seem out of place, even if they know they are. Todd's are sly, crafty, sweet talker's who intoxicate those who they choose to seduce. Watch out when around a Todd! A Todd will offer up the shirt on his back and the beer in his hand to the least amongst us if it makes him look good in front of attractive or powerful people. Todd was probably the president of his fraternity in college and captain of the lacrosse team. Todd's will punch you in the face if you pick on any the weak OR his friends.
Who's that with your friends? It's Todd. He's just like you, only funny and better looking and well more -- Todd.

Todd takes photo's suitable for framing -- everytime.

And i'm getting really sick of guys named Todd.
by TMO99 February 3, 2010
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A man with the powers to please any woman to the max. but is a very loveable person. and can hold a relationship. jealous at times but only for the one he loves.
Dude, i was a Todd lastnite with my girl.
by kings2224 March 16, 2010
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fittest lad you will ever know never find anyone as fit and kind and caring as him you will never find anyone as nice in every way possible x
oh i wish i had a Todd as a boyf
by tennis2006-2004 November 16, 2019
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A kindhearted gentlemen who sometimes gets mad but not always. He never cheats on his wife or with anything else. He is handsome.
Todd is the best dad in the whole entire world. He is so sweet and handsome.
by Beebee3335 February 1, 2020
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by what da hell is life September 3, 2019
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Often known as a strong, handsome man in love with an extraordinarily beautiful women named Ana. (which is not short for an eating disorder)
"That dude loves her like a Todd."
by Mr. Man Love February 5, 2010
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Loves cats and their friends. Todd is the favourite of the friend group and has the best personality by far. They have u big brain and love maths.
Kiké: Todd I love you

SAM: shut up kiké I love Todd

Kiké: whatever man

James: jababa jequavion
Holly: *why am I here*
CAITLEN: we should go to jd

Alfie: holly you should leave i hate you DIE and I don’t love Todd I’m in love deeply with james
James: hehe 😉

Elliot: why you guys doing this😭 *wtf is going on*

Todd: guys shut the duck up I am trying to concentrate

Everyone: okay baba
by Babybaba November 29, 2021
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