A Caucasian male, mid-20's blue eyes, blonde hair, nice and tight body and has ability to lure woman. Typically asked by a certain Mexican chick to go to Gloria's or out for a drink but he never commits. She's just trying to get him drunk and get in his pants again. He may not be "all there" but is great in bed. Nice smile.
Girl 1: You see that guy across the room? I keep asking him if he wants to hook up but he keeps stalling.

Girl 2: Must be a Todd.
by skirp512 January 29, 2013
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Handsome, tall, great guy. Makes unicorns blush and giggle. Good at surprises and making girls feel special. Above average, fun in bed.
Wow, did Todd send you that? He's pretty amazing.
by 007unicorn April 5, 2017
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A young romantic boy, often very slender and lean but not anorexic looking. Todd's are sweet and have great sense's of humor. Strong but not Arnold looking. Todd's often have black eyes and golden brown hair. Mariah's often fall for Todd's.
Todd ran his long fingers through his hair, its golden brown coloring sparkling in the sun, contrasting indefinitely with his onyx eyes.
As Todd's lips formed the words, the entire classroom laughed.
by be cool dude January 19, 2009
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A sexy black smart male with a extremely huge penis thats strong and knows how to love his women
by dicktyy May 21, 2017
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The guy who is so lovely but tricky at times to he is funny and if you ever meat him and u are nice to him then there is a good chance that he will like u too but once he likes one girl he will stick with that one girl no matter what happens Todd's are often really good at sports brownish hair and amazing eyes
I wish I could be like that guy todd because he is so cool
by TD toad TD September 18, 2017
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Todds are huge goofs, sometimes well illustrated by the cartoon "Goofy". They exist to be goofy - claim asinine ideas about humanity and especially female hair. If Todds are in sight, they must be tickled intensely, immediately upon contact.
He is goofing around, like a Todd.
by the_number_13 August 20, 2012
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A Todd (sometimes pronounced "Tawd") is a type of horse commonly found in the wild. Todds are very beautiful, muscular horses with a pleasant aroma that some say reminds them of corn and hay. These animals usually graze in Northern Alabama, but they have been spotted as far as Afghanistan. Many people are instantly attracted to these wild beasts when they see them, but Todds are wild and it takes a lot of patience and time to tame them. Once domesticated though, they prove to be worth the effort by quickly learning how to please their owners. Todds will eat just about anything, but they prefer sweet potatoes and prunes.
"Man, that Todd sure does look cute in that Army hat!"
by OldMamaDawg November 27, 2012
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