Usually a fat ass also cheats on all his girls friends....acts funny but isnt...he is the kinda friend you just want to tell to shut the fuck up! One word to describe them "MAN WHORE" Do u have a Todd in ur Town...i know i do
Well that guys a man whore....oh wait his names Todd that explains it!
by Bartthebadass June 7, 2011
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An obviously obtuse white guy. Mansplains erroneously.
Todd: I’ll support trump ‘til 2021!
Me: Ya mean when he’s out of office? You’re not making sense, Todd.
by SDRidinghood December 10, 2019
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often known for their charm. Todds can smooth their way out of anything. They tend to follow along the wrong path too often though. They have no morals. Often parents that name their child Todd have no morals. Easily munipulated. Todds can not be faithful. Todd = Toad . Disrespects those that should mean the most.
A Todd so would abandon his Child.
by KaydeLiz February 5, 2010
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douche bag who cheats on his fiance and then lies to everyone about it when the chick puts pics on Facebook with him kissing her.
Todd is a cock sucker.
by dsk09 April 7, 2010
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Todd is not a nice name or a nice person. If you find a Todd stay well away as Todd is like a time bomb.Todd will not hesitate to kill a kid. Most people will think Todd seems nice when the first meet him boom next thing he’s killing innocent woman.
Daniel:do you like Todd Melissa:yeah why. Daniel: He killed a kid
by Melon143 August 2, 2019
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A piece of shit who is a loser because his parents don’t love him
Guy 1: yo look at that dude being a dick

Guy 2: he must be a Todd
by Nigggggerhiggggger1347 November 25, 2019
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Circumference of the earth.....might like men and or kids
Todd: licks a kid
Brendan: shoots Todd in the foot

Todd: fuck you
Brendan: ur fat
by Ethsplumbing April 10, 2019
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