To stand ass-to-ass with another person while transferring a stiff turd from one anus to another. Nougat and caramel not needed...
Hey bro, you bored? Hows about you come on over after work and we do a toblerone trade-off????
by Filthy fly February 27, 2019
The act of being fingerblasted in the Alps or other mountain range with a chocolate lubricant
Mandy loved going on holiday in France just so she could get a good tobleroning from a Frenchman
by Splunky March 19, 2023
The religion of the Tobleronian people. It allows the people to eat one Toblerone per week, on Tobleronsday. If the Lord has been disobeyed the sinner will be sacrificed via Tobleroning. Bob would be a good example, as he was the first sinner.
We are going to Toblerone church this Tobleronsday.
by radzz111 April 1, 2021