this is a woman whos tits are so pointed and odd shaped that they look like giant toblerones. If you have toblerone tits you will be called Elaine. Elaine usually uses her tits as weapons to protect her from all the staff she upsets. But don't worry Elaine, tits won't always be able to protect you!!!!
Help, help....there's something strange coming out the office!...Oh it's ok, its just toblerone tits

What do you call an odd shaped woman called Elaine....
yes you guessed it...toblerone tits!
by you should know me by now! February 20, 2008
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A popular game in the gay community. Participants "do" themselves with a succession of chocolate bars. The sequence of bars gets progressively difficult. Entrants are eliminated if they fail to insert any of the bars. The final one used is a king-size Toblerone. The game was named after its originator, who was also the first participant to complete the sequence.
Who's up for a game of Briggsy's Toblerone Challenge?

Count me out. I got trannied to within an inch of my pathetic arty life last night. One Milky Way and I'll prolapse.
by Des Lynam's Love-Gland September 8, 2006
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the best three words to hear in a jordy accent.
"i would like a toblerone rolo combo
by againwetry October 17, 2011
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When a swift kick to the ass includes a direct anal blow from the big toe, resulting in a bloody drip from the anus
Fatty Deb caught Paul Izzi giving her dog a shotgun and ran up from behind and tobleroned him
by Sir Biff June 25, 2015
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BERTHA: I heard that Sally got fucked by Tim's Toblerone .

GERTRUDE: and I heard her say that it felt like she was driving down speed bumps in a super car
by Suicidal Soviet January 4, 2019
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To stand ass-to-ass with another person while transferring a stiff turd from one anus to another. Nougat and caramel not needed...
Hey bro, you bored? Hows about you come on over after work and we do a toblerone trade-off????
by Filthy fly February 27, 2019
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