The act of jizzing on a girl's back after having sex with her doggy style.
After I fucked my bitch from behind, I gave her a toaster strudel.
by PocketRocket2021 September 25, 2011
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To drizzle the man goo on a her from your used condom
Gave that girl a Toaster Strudel emptied the icing packet out.
by Feet Baller June 02, 2014
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A Code-term used by teenagers in the East coast, for consuming vast amounts of Alcohol, to become drunk.

This term is helpful to teenagers if they would like to make a plan in front of adults.

This Code Term is used in the form of, want. See example.
"Hey Joe, I want some Toaster Strudel right now."
by aidsguy2 September 28, 2009
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when a woman bites the tip of a man penis right before the cum, causing a mix of blood and semen resembling that of a toaster strudel. red and white mixed ewww...
that bitch gave me a toaster strudel cause gave her a brown bag special last week
by crazy tits October 07, 2009
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The act of shitting on a plate and jizzin on and it making your date eat it.
"dude, I gave my tolo date a Toaster Strudel last night."
by Jimmy Rogers May 05, 2008
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When a guy shits in a Vagina then proceeds to jizz over her vagina. Similar to a hot pocket.
John is giving Cate a toaster strudel right now.
by G,J,E,M,M,N,R,RJ March 12, 2009
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Its when you burn them alive then cum on them
Ricky: Hey bro gave tiffany the toaster strudel last night

Bobby: Damn bro!!!
by DaddyNeedaJUICE August 29, 2018
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