To (inadvertently) turn someone on by performing their kink
She totally tried to kink me up last night when she put on her socks
by AnonymousKink December 11, 2016
"Yeah my friend totally has a thigh kink. She won't admit it though. She specifically loves Wonhoe's thighs."
by Yoodledog May 7, 2017
Also known as a fetish or turn-on, it will make you very horny and very happy if used right.

(not all of these are my kinks)
Babe, you are using all of my kinks at once.
Do you know my kinks?
Yay, we have the same kinks!
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 23, 2019
1) One of the most underrated British bands of all time.
2) Slang for pubes.
1) The Kinks released an album called "Arthur" that was delicately spectacular.
2) The Kinks are all itchy today. I musta gotten crabs or some shit. Fuck!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 22, 2003
a really good and underrated british rock band. some consider them as early punks. best songs are you really got me, dead end street, destroyer, all day and all of the night, and many others.
a lot of the kinks songs have been bastardised
by clevelandsteamer August 6, 2005
Noun - kink
Plural - kinks
As in "a kink". sexual tastes for a person. Usually a kink is an unusual taste in sexual behaviour.

The following example is NOT me or anyone i know.
One of jane's KINKS was wearing lycra while being spanked.
by Blushaman January 20, 2006