>Expressing gratitude. Essentially commutable to the casual, "Thank You" or "Thanks".
*Scenario peoples represented with variable surnames
>Mr. X :"Scope this out. That's right, I got you your very on Narwhal."
>Mr. Y :"Fucking copacetic! To the highest, bro!"

by Ren Ludwig September 23, 2007
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A song by Houston rapper, Travis Scott. First teased in a Kylie Cosmetics advertisement. Production includes Mike Dean, OZ and Nik D. The song describes Travis in his most intoxicated state. After months of waiting the song was released on October 4, 2019.
Me: *Playing Highest In The Room*
Dad: Are you listening to Highest In The Room?
Me: Yeah
Dad: Turn it off
Me: Why?
Dad: We have bigger speakers downstairs
by XXXCUMINMYASS January 1, 2020
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1. When you're extremely, extremely pissed off.

2. When you feel like you want to crush flowers.

3. When you're so angry you feel like strangling your cat, but can't because it's so cute.
Saying "I'm pissed off to the highest pistivity there is." when your boyfriend did something like get drunk with another girl.
by CAKB September 26, 2009
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Drawled out version of high key Most commonly used when desiring to describe something with specificity or disputing lowkey
Don: "Ay bro, but on the Highest of Keys, she's a hoe"
Bro: "Yeah I know, but I'd still lowkey hit."
Bonnie: "Lowkey, Tyrone is bomb af."

Jas: "No, on the Highest of Keys he is!"
*Fits of Laughter*
by Bullshitter101 December 31, 2015
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Also known as DOTHO. Most often exclaimed whilst thrusting arm vertically pointing skyward with the index finger. Fairly self explanatory: extremely advanced douchebaggery. Carl Saganesque level douchebaggery. If douchebaggery was grade school Earth Science, DOTHO would be Advanced Quantum AstroPhysics III.
Steven Hawking was PRETENDING to be crippled? That's Douchebaggery of the Highest Order.
by BJ Himself February 3, 2009
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comments that have the highest number of thumb ups from youtube users. usually, these comments include saying something stupid/irrelevant about the number of 'dislikes' or justin bieber

most of the highest rated comments are also some of the most dumbest.
i'm fking tired of highest rated comments.
by wowspare September 16, 2010
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the saying IM THE HIGHEST LEVEL is the definition of that one thing said by denis daily

"i am the highest level in this lobby"

i am the highest level
yabooga im the highest level

i am the highest level in this lobby
by yaboog September 2, 2022
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