Earth Science is the subject that nobody and I mean nobody likes. Instead everyone is on their phone, asleep, or they don't give a shit. Earth Science is usually taught by a teacher who thinks it is the most important thing ever needed when in reality you don't need it to complete anything in life. For homework usually you get 4 packets for homework and it is all due next class. No one loves earth science and those who say they do are lairs and you should never trust them
Ex 1:
Billy: Oh shit, I forgot to do my Earth Science homework!
Sarah: Don't worry, no one gives a shit about that class
Ex 2:

Billy: Shit we have fucking earth science
Sarah: here is a gun, you know what to do
by Rocketshroom February 13, 2018
A mostly pointless class you will end up taking that includes teachers with monotones, comfy textbook pillows, facepalms when you realize it's not required to graduate and time to do other school work.
Ex. 1
Will: "Crap, I forgot to do the English"
Rachel: "Just do it during Earth Science. It's not like that class matters."

Ex. 2
Trista: "What do you have next?"
Frank: "Study Ha-....uh... I mean 'Earth Science'"
by Smartbutlazy March 3, 2011
the worst class ever
so boring and some teachers think it the "most important kind of science that there is"

it is just plain torture!!
What are types of rocks?

The reasons for the seasons are....

Earth Science is the most important science there is, you will use it everyday of your life
by beachbabie42 March 9, 2009
Earth science is a scientific discipline that spans a wide variety of sub-disciplines, which amount to the study of the construction, formation and processes of the Earth (along with other terrestrial bodies). Draws from the subjects of geochemistry, petrology, geomorphology, geophysics, palaeontology, crystallography, geography, seismology, geotechnical engineering and a wide variety of other fields. Other terms used to describe it include geoscience and geology, although the latter is viewed as slightly old-fashioned by many modern earth scientists. Vitally important to modern society, as earth scientists locate and evaluate important minerals, e.g. gold, copper, aluminium, and also play a massive part in the search for oil and its exploitation. They also play an important part in ensuring the safety of mankind, e.g. volcanologists, geotechnical engineers. There is also massive amounts of research going on in earth science.
The oil and metals used to make my computer would have been located by earth scientists; the stability of the land beneath my house is likely to have been evaluated by someone with geotechnical training; the petrol used in millions of cars every day would have come from oil located by a geophysicist.

That's just how important earth science is!
by ConversionNinja January 3, 2008
something that is an absolute waste of time and absolutely useless unless u plan on. going to a store and having to find which pressure system it is it what the eccentricity of a planet is for fun
earth science sucks
every single minute of earth science is filled with joy.
but on the inside all you feel is sadness, you just want to leave and go to lunch.
but you cant.
you are trapped until you spend every last minute of earth science blissfully
homie #1: theres only 2 more minutes left in the period
reinke: thats 2 blissful earth science minutes, dont pack up until i tell you to
by fairycxt February 25, 2020