The act of doing something of great skill... excludes anything in relation to shuffleboard, steel drum, golf... etc. In many ways, it is among the lines of the term "swag".
What are you gonna do if you don't make it big? Are you going To Slay the Heroin Pipe?
by waffle267 January 24, 2012
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The act of completely demolishing a girl whom you have a sexual encounter with, where during she makes noises as if she is dying from your cock sword.
Sam, "Dude are you gonna have sex with lauren?"
Brandon, "Yeah I'm totally going to slay her"
by B. Lan the Man February 5, 2012
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the guy out of your group of friends that gets the most pussy of everybody. All your friends want to be the "slay-slay".
I think Jon is the new slay-slay, with all that ass he's getting.
by ammama June 20, 2006
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when someone looks impressively beautiful and slays it
You are slaying in red babe!
by Sanayy May 3, 2016
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To kick ass. To dominate a particular field. To be one of the greatest in that particular area.
She's slaying it. (She's doing extremely well)
He slayed that interview. (He did really well in the interview)
They're slaying the presentation. (They are doing well in the presentation, everyone is captivated by them)
I slayed it. (I won! I did excellent! I'm now memorable! My name's on everyone's lips! Who's awesome? Me!)
by TeacherM March 27, 2017
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