to search or look for titys (ha in your face chris )
Me and my friend went titying at the office yesterday
by Zimnakabiz June 8, 2007
A woman with nice breasts and a great ass.
I railed that TiTi last night. And it was gooooooood.
by Beanies April 25, 2006
A AUDI TT most used in the online game nfs2
your tity is bad ass
by chris3412 March 18, 2006
The are to dangley objects loacated on the chest of a woman ( depends on how old you are, they might dangle down to the floor ).
My m8 PAM, i know u r thinkin "i don't know her u stupid twat, so how the hell should i know wot she is like?", well lads or lasses ( mmmmmm ) imagan Denise Richards.
by Michael January 27, 2004
When something is unreasonably cool or nips.
Steve: bro, I just got Madden 08!
Larry: Ah, tities!
by Prince Fielder August 16, 2007
short for titter, when said on the internet or via some kind of text based medium. equivilant to lol
jamie:titi, that word is funny
by Joey joey bob jo jo March 2, 2006