a trash basketball team (especially the girls team) jk
titans lose again!
by luna.red December 03, 2019
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a cute boy who loves sex talk but is honest to his words loves romance and will do anything to keep you by his side doesn't care what the world thinks so if you have a friend whose name is titan he's a keeper don't ever let him go
girl: look at titan he's so cute

other girl: his girlfriend is so lucky
by fluffychu January 27, 2021
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Those looking humans but more gigantic and creepy as fuck but don't worry Levi Ackerman will save us.
via giphy
by Cursed Kokichi Ouma October 12, 2020
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From EVE Online.

A giant, roughly phallic starship, able to bring about tremendous destructive power. It takes about a year to train for, and another two to use it effectively.
They've brought in a Titan!

Phil's carrier got hit by a Titan, it popped immediately.
by Ze Hydro October 04, 2015
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A person who is good at what he does. Mainly used in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean.
Juan: Manny Garcia sure hits a lot of home runs!

Jose: Yeah, that Manny is a Titan!
by Sckarr October 10, 2006
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