When a girl does coke off a guys dick
Jerry: Dude i was at this party last night and this girl was tiradoing
Ben:What dude that's crazy
by tiradoing September 15, 2015
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El cookie can be terrifing... better known as Ferny.
He can make you poop your pants and dance at the same time to the YMCA.

he likes penis.

karlos Ruiz sucks on Tirado all night long.
by juicy12344444 August 23, 2008
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An extremely awesome sexy dude. Chicks think he is a magnet. Men are envious. People often compare him to people like Cody or Sebastian. Most people are afraid of his giant monster penis.
Hey have you seen Edwards Tirado lately? He's so sexy!
by T-Rod239 August 06, 2011
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Named after a Husson University student and widely used in maine, the tirado is a short or smaller man who consumes a large amunt of alcohol. After doing so they become angry, and in most cases very violent. Mostly towards women..
Oh my god, we have a Tirado here..
Did you see the Tirado here before?
by Mr. Fliznatles November 29, 2009
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