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Noun:A incredibly attractive young hispanic male who is known for his good looks and his funky bass playing.
Verb: The act of being funny or just chill
person 1: Oh my god, look at ferny...hes soo good looking
Person 2: I know right, i wish he would tap me like his bass
Stoner 1: Yo man today i feel specially calm, i feel like Ferny man, real chill...
Gansta person 1: O shiiit... that was some funny ass mothafucking shit, that was some ferny shit right there
by iamtheprinceofdarkness February 27, 2009
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A nick name usually given to someone that has the actual name Fernanda or Fernando, also only the awesome can hold power to that nickname if it is just an ordinary Fernanda or Fernando it would suck.
1-"hey there goes Ferny!"

2-"you mean Fernanda?"

1-"no its Ferny because she is awesome"
by xox_Sandy February 24, 2009
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Well his name starts with a F and ends with a Y
He is the coolest mutha fucka u will ever meet
He is charming, funny, and smart at times
He is a beast in general and just makes everyone like him
He is nice and knows how to treat a girl
So in other words FERNY IS A FUCKIN BEAST
Bradley:Ferny, your a BEAST
Ferny:Fucking rite
Carlos:Does anyone have a dollar
Ferny:Give us WEED
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A talented male with good hand eye coordination who enjoys the calm melodies of bagpipes and first person shooters. He also enjoys getting second hand high and scrambled eggs.
black lan co-ordinator: Yooo Ferny and his team came second.

we got game baqbaaaay
by Bwandon nodeen May 31, 2011
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Shit, Crap.
See Shit
Eww, you stepped in ferny
by Toan March 30, 2004
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the act of being emo. the most emoest state possible to man.
i was so ferny today that i wanted to slit my wrists because each day i die alone.
by rasich April 15, 2005
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A slang term usually given to an adoloescent male with perfuse acne on the face and variouse areas with an out-grown starter mustache
Did you see that ferny on the pro-active commercials?
by Kara Wright January 03, 2008
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