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Slang way for saying Things. Usually used by a wigger in the USA now who thinks they're some type of baller.
Wigger: YO that track was so dutty. Dat a bad bwoy. Tingz!

Wigger #2: Bad like yaz !!!
by March 14, 2013
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i could not believe that the slang dictionary did not have tingz .tingz is a slang the ultimate slang used nby teenegers in jamaica.tingz simply means to make out .tingz is a a slang for things.ppl say to have tingz .the most commonly used slang word ijn jamaica ...wel 4 now atleast
Girl:i have the flu
Girl 2:i know how you got it ...
Girl 1:uh wateva
Girl 2:u had tingz wid Kyle didnt you?
Girl 1:*giggles*
by KarazyMe November 01, 2006
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Tingz= things like woaaahh
Gurt : Been reppin da wolvo tingz?

Bert : yeaaaa babe

Gurt : was there satdii day see ya

Bert : baaadtimes bint(N)
by Gurty Burt April 05, 2009
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Attempting to 'pull' or 'get with' the opposite sex in any given situation. This can be seen as similar to 'drawing' a girl.
Person 1:What happened at that rave last night?
Person 2: Argh, it was sick man, I saw one girl, and I tingz'd it, she was soooo peng. Jheeze!
by ManuchoGoncalves November 02, 2010
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