1) Verb: To keep a baked potato in your pocket with the intent of pulling it out to eat at a random time throughout the night.

2) Adjective: The epitome of manliness
1) Person 1: "What's the weather like this week?"
Person 2: "Well, I heard it is supposed to.... did you just pull a potato out of your pocket?!?!"
Person 1: *Between mouthfuls* "Haven't you ever timmed before?"

2) Teenade girl: "Oh my god, it's *insert popular male actor here*! He's so timm!"
by GL Hal Jordan February 22, 2010
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Timm's are undoubtedly unique humans, every little thing in a Timm will impress you.

Do not be surprised if a Timm is standing outside your door with chocolate, oreos, and a hot water bottle because he was considerate enough to read into what it means when you say "Oh, my tummy's just sore".

Timm's don't just hear what you say, they listen. Timm's remember birthday's and favourite cafe's. Timm's are loved by parents, grandparents, neighbours, dogs. They are practically perfect in every single way. Timm's are also known as lean machines due to their dedication to fitness and clean eating. Perfect pecks, heavenly jawbone.

Do not be surprised if your Timm seems like marriage material, because he is.
"Who is that gorgeous male!"
"oh, that's Timm, an absolute dream"

"Bro, why are you working out so hard?"
"I want to look like Timm"
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soon to be the name on everybody's lips. pretty much teh hottest guy ever. genius in disguise. can actually spell correctly, but rarely proves it (see name for example). cannot wait to call wisconsin home.
'hey timm...giggle!'
by bree February 03, 2005
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Titties In My Mouth; a phrase that is used to explain something extraordinarily awesome.
Sick!!! TIMM!
by pmaster1508 December 15, 2010
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A small lump on one's gentials


An extremely annoying person.
"Man, this timmes just won't go away! I've tried everything!"
by anonymous April 05, 2005
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