Term describing a rolled blunt/joint stuck through weed into the hole of a packed bowl so as you eventually get to the bottom of your blunt/joint you ignite the bowl. The word is used more fittingly when the bowl is packed with keif or bud of higher quality than in the blunt/joint.
Me: "Man, how are we going to accentuate this smoking session, it's new years for goodness sake!''

Friend: "Timebomb bro"

Me: "What?"

Friend: "Stick this fatty through that trainwreck bowl, smoke it down, bomb goes off."

Me: "Oh cool"

*fumbles around trying*

by jezebeljamez January 2, 2012
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Verb meaning to comment on very old facebook posts or life evets including birth, joining facebook, old birthdays, etc.
You've been timebombed!

I hope your News Years Party in 2008 was great, mine was a lot of fun! Timebomb!
by JasonAndSarah August 21, 2012
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'know I got some bad ideas burning deep in my black heart.
Well, evil is as evil's gonna do now
Y'know I try to do my part. .. HA HA!
And I'm a time bomb tickin'... BOOM!
I been tickin' to the sounds of the rock and roll... OH NO!
I think I'm gonna explode... OH NO!
by Timebomb September 2, 2004
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When you take a pile of edibles right before an exam and race to finish it before the weed kicks in.
Person 1: Bro, I'm gonna timebomb the Physics exam later today. It's gonna be epic
Person 2: That's our final exam, you're going fail the class you dumbass
by KingOrangeCube March 1, 2023
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Timebomb 1: an explosive devise that may explode with out any warning besides numbers you may or may not see.

2: A rawr Handle

3: Some one you generally don't wanna fuck wit cause they may go off on you're ass.

4: David Me!

Being called timebomb is a complement that means the muthafuka that said it is scared outta their ass of you, or they just find it cool to say.
Fuk its a Timebomb run.
Fuk Timebomb picked a rawr name.
Fuk Timebomb's exploding now
Fuk Timebomb is david
by TkTb November 21, 2006
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The act of standing amongst a group of people, breaking wind silently and then walking away, so by the time the smell hits the crowd you are out of sight and therefore beyond suspicion.
"Yeah that conversation was fucking boring, so I left them a Dutch Timebomb and bailed."
by Ali bongo January 18, 2010
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Clenching a fart for an extended amount of time before strategically bombing an entire room. Thee toxic gases produced in the aftermath may cause bystanders to gag and/or vomit.
"I set of a wicked Tokyo Timebomb in Social Studies yesterday."

"I tried to Tokyo Timebomb some bitch yesterday, but i ended up shitting my pants"
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