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Term describing a rolled blunt/joint stuck through weed into the hole of a packed bowl so as you eventually get to the bottom of your blunt/joint you ignite the bowl. The word is used more fittingly when the bowl is packed with keif or bud of higher quality than in the blunt/joint.
Me: "Man, how are we going to accentuate this smoking session, it's new years for goodness sake!''

Friend: "Timebomb bro"

Me: "What?"

Friend: "Stick this fatty through that trainwreck bowl, smoke it down, bomb goes off."

Me: "Oh cool"

*fumbles around trying*

by jezebeljamez January 01, 2012
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Taking a capsule of MDMA (Molly); preferably with .2 - .4, wrapping it in a good wad of pre-chewed gum, then swallowing it. It will then kick in at a random point in time within the next week.
Person 1: Yo, remember when John took that time bomb on Monday?
Person 2: Yeah, what of it?
Person 1: It kicked in on him during work last night!
Person 2: LOL funny shit! Wasn't yesterday Thursday?
Person 1: Yuhhh
by EmpanadaMan June 01, 2013
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noun, adv,adj,verb; tyme-bahm
1.) The act of secretly giving a girl multiple laxatives then proceeding to engage in anal sex while striving to cum as fast as possible preferably before she defecates.
2.) An extreme sport in many major fraternities.
Person 1: How was it man?
Person 2: Shit man she blew first.
Person 1: Oh she was a time-bomb?
Person 2: Yea...
by Beerad Reeser November 16, 2009
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Putting the roach of your joint/blunt in the middle of a bowl sticking erect and packing your green around, after the prep is complete fire that shit up starting on the roach and cheif the bowl with the roach burning and wait till it reaches the green then. . . boom!
damn bro id say about one or two more hits till that time bomb hits boom
by Freewheelinfranklin&H-BombWYO October 21, 2010
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A blunt with hash in it smoked with people. While rolling a blunt, separate a small area in a randon spot of the blunt and fill it with hash. It will burn extra fast when it gets to the hash, effectively fucking up whoever gets that hit.
We smoked a time bomb last night. I got the bomb and was done the rest of the night.
by Mr. On One June 10, 2013
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A method of using solid (tablet) drugs orally. Consists of crushing the tablets to powder, wrapping with one-ply toilet paper, and swallowing the "capsule." Results in a faster onset of effects (better bioavailability due to increased surface area).
"Yo, we leave in 30 minutes. Wanna drop an e?"

"Yea man but I'm aching for a buzz now. I'm gonna make a time bomb."
by SinJacks April 19, 2009
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Someone that is risky to have around because they are on the urge to blowing it. A person that you know will end up ruining a perfect situation.
Lets go hit on them girls, but leave Jon behind. When that kid drinks he becomes a time bomb.
by kevin kage March 02, 2011
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