A badass muthafuka is an abraham from Morocco with the moves shoes and grooves to make anyone wet the bed
by Hesterssian June 28, 2020
a popular phrase that john mclean(played by bruce willis)used in his popular movie spin off of die hard...the phrase usullay occurs when mclean is about to do something crazy.
villan-mclean prepare to die
mclean-yippy ka yay muthafuka"shoots villan in chest"
by agentsmit462 October 11, 2007
The phrase “yee yee muthafuka” is used as a term to mock people and be funny at the same time.
Billy: “Hey dude did u know the earth’s flat?”
Random dude: “Damn Yee Yee muthafuka
by milkmanurm0m69LEC May 16, 2022