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A timbo is a sexual position unparalleled in greatness. It occurs when a man is lying down on a bed and a woman mounts his member. She then places a firm grip on an above-hanging ceiling fan, as the fan spins, the woman will spin also. She maintains intercourse while spinning, which causes extreme pleasure for both parties.
Yo me and my girl were going at it all night long. I hit that shit doggy style, missionary, but when she grabbed that ceiling fan for the timbo, I couldn't hold back and popped right in that.
by Body-T March 28, 2006
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man when we was runnin from the cops my timbos felt like air nikes on me.
by x August 24, 2004
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Timberland. AKA Timbo. The music producer. He makes bad ass beats.
Justin: "Hey Timbo!"
Timberland: "Yeah..."

It's in the song "Good Foot". Google it.
by LevyStoned January 28, 2008
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A place in Halifax, Nova Scotia called timberlea but reffered to by gangstas and hustlas by Timbo.
Hey yo going to meet Jermain down in timbo?
by T-KA$H October 18, 2006
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