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a sweet, fun loving girl who is nice to anybody and everybody

if she is single, then jump at the opportunity before it disappears
by gunnerrocker406 December 10, 2011
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A very sweet girl. She knows what she wants and exactly how she wants it done good or bad. Timberly cares about others more than anyone and has a huge heart. But she has a dark side and gets mad easily.
Timberly is so nice she stayed with me last night to see that I was ok after my accident.
by Jess<3urbandictionary December 22, 2015
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Timberly is a very sweet , nice girl who will be nice to anyone . She loves nature and animals but will kill any bug she sees . She loves Logan Paul and loves Hoodies . She hates school . And will stay up till 6am . She acts like she is 5 but is very mature at times . She knows everything but she is NOT i repeat NOT a dictionary . I know all of this because my name is Timberly . Have a wonderful day and don’t do drugs and stay in school :) .
by timberlythechickennugget May 30, 2018
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