A dead-eyed, unnaturally enthusiastic smile often given TikTok creators before they tell you their pronouns. This is intended to put a smiling face in front of the generally depraved and confused opinions of mentally-ill people. Like a kindergarten teacher from hell.
Every time I see that lifeless TikTok smile, I know I am about to listen to some of the craziest shit I’ve ever heard.
by sbg4life September 12, 2022
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A tiktok trend consisting of a person writing out 'bitches' and basically making either an acrostic poem with the word. People also can just have one word or sentence under one of the letters. They usually are dark humor or something that describes them
bitches (tiktok trend)
Song: "Bitch I got bitches"

B ronchitis

by yohoo November 16, 2020
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Something you call a homo who uses TikTok, but sometimes TikTok users are gay sissies in general.
"Oh man! Look at this hot big bank."
"What? You're a simp and a TikTok Homo at the same time."
by RedditLover69 March 26, 2022
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When a person opens tiktok and gets locked in wasting hours of their life thay can never get back.
Charley signed in to check his email but noticed a tiktok notification. He looked up 3 hours later and said "how is it already 3 o'clock? " "Brah you been in a tiktok lock since noon!"
by LYNETTE LAMBERTI March 6, 2021
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a doll that is famous on TikTok because it's stinky.
AWWWWW my stinky doll is now a TikTok doll!
by thecharacterwannie August 3, 2022
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The definition of TikTok and chill is about a man being dominated.

If a female uses it they want to use a strap on dildo

If a male says it they want the other participant to use a strap on dildo
Girl: do you want to TikTok and Chill
Man: yes I feel like being dominated

Girl: perfect
by Qbag.com February 18, 2022
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When you’re chilling with your partner and you end up fucking 2 minutes into watching tik toks.
Hey you wanna come to my dorm and Tiktok and chill?
by drizzygod69 April 9, 2022
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