The tight asshole of an inexperienced gay man that needs to be stretched so you can fuck him harder.
I’ve been pounding Patrick’s tight hole so hard every night and leaving him gaping
by Mr. Freetime December 31, 2020
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Term used in oil and gas for describing a well where information is to be kept secret. Only people in the know are to hear or see information. Can also be used in everyday speech as something to keep secret between a group of people.
Remember what I told you about Julie? Keep that tight holed.
by Big Head Mike July 7, 2009
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a tight cunt hole that u cant penertrate
michales mum was so tight i couldent get it up her
by luke May 19, 2003
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A place used by plenty of men. Including; his friends, male cousins, strangers, male prostitutes, and even Tuckers poor dad.
Gay homosexual man: Hey, I'm a gay homosexual man

Tucker: Please have sex with my tight hole. My tucker's tight hole.
by candykay October 24, 2018
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Term used in the Oil and Gas Industry describing a well where no information is to get out. Info is only shared between the most trusted people. Can be used in everyday speech for a deadly secret that others are not to repeat and you would only tell a spouse or old friend.
Honey, I actually like men and not you. I will stay married with you for the children. (No need to say this is super tight hole information.)
by Big Head Mike July 7, 2009
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limp dick can't go in here. if it makes it in she can push it right out. hard dick to beat you
females that constantly kegel exercise have a unbelievably "tight pussy hole"
by sicc j May 2, 2021
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